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Here’s a cutaway construction sample of our cabins.  Note the nearly 2″ pine flooring and nearly 2″ ceiling pine tongue and groove, with energy efficient energy efficient 2″ 3Ht double vapor barrier insulation taped and sealed in exterior walls, and 4″ 3Ht double vapor barrier insulation taped and sealed in ceiling, to enclose the entire structure.  4″ x 6″ pine roof ridge beam is used, and 3″ x 4″ exposed pine posts and beams.  Energy star double pane insulated tempered windows are used with lifetime warranty.  Metal roof with 40 year warranty.  No nails used anywhere in the cabin- screws throughout.  Nails pull out, screws don’t.  Quality construction means decades of comfort and beauty for your family!

Our cabins and cabin kits are handcrafted by the Amish in Kentucky, well-known for their craftsmanship and attention to quality and detail.  The cabins and kits are built in an off-grid custom Amish facility on an Amish farm, with radiant in-floor heating fired by outdoor woodburning stove, and CNC machines and other production machinery powered by onsite diesel generator.

Each of our cabin models have architect drawings, showing load ratings for floor, wind, and roof.

You’ll be proud of the beautiful timber frame construction of your new cabin, with exposed post and beams and eastern white pine from floor to ceiling, including walls.

These are not mobile homes or “trailers”- they have no chassis or wheels.  They are quality log- sided and efficient hybrid insulated homes, custom built for you and delivered onsite, which will provide you and your family with many years of comfort and security.  Or, our Amish and non-Amish crews can build your custom home onsite as well for you- your choice.

All of our cabin models are state inspected in shop. Our cabins are inspected and approved through the KIBS (Kentucky Industrialized Building Systems) as a modular dwelling.  Click here for information about airtightness testing we’ve had performed on our insulated hybrid wall cabin design.  “This cabin is what I consider a tight structure and any further air sealing should be blower door guided”, James Godby,  BPI (Building Performance Institute) Certified Energy Analyst, June 27, 2014.

Your choice of Everlast roofing metal roof colors, with 40 year roof warranty, made in USA.  Your choice of exterior Woodwright stain.  See our “Colors” page.   View your preferred stain colors and roof colors together at this page:

Why pay $235 per square foot and above for a custom cabin, when we can deliver one to you, built by the Amish to your custom choices for about 1/3 that cost per square foot? And that doesn’t even include our cabins’ loft square footage, which can add up to another 300 square feet to your cabin in 2 lofts as sleeping and storage areas.

This is a 2 cabin end to end cabin install we did in Virginia.  1 cabin is set on its foundation already in this picture, and the other foundation is ready for its cabin.  Here you can see the type of crawlspace foundation we can set these cabins on. We also can set them on a full basement foundation (no more than 3 blocks high above grade).  This is a 14’x40′ foundation with sill plates, center piers down middle that we set 4″x6″ timbers on across the 14′, then the 40′ skids under the cabin rest on the 14′ cross-timbers. Then we bolt the cabin to the foundation from underneath with iron anchors into the block sidewalls, all hidden from outside the cabin. The cabins this size weigh about 10 tons anyway, so they’re not going anywhere easily, especially with the iron anchors.

amish cabin 14x40 set and foundation



Here is our Amish builder’s cabin production facility on his off-grid Kentucky farm (click here if not viewable below):



Appalachian double porch Amish builtamish cabin in shop

Hybrid Wall Construction

Hybrid Wall Construction- UPDATE as of 7/1/16, 2″ 3Ht in exterior walls and 4″ 3Ht in ceiling now used, for even greater energy efficiency


 amish bugg crossing sign


Pine milled onsite.

Pine milled onsite.

Cabin facility on Amish farm in KY

Cabin facility on Amish farm in KY


Amish builder's office at his cabin facility

Amish builder’s office at his cabin facility



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