-Olympic T

Our “Olympic T” combination, consisting of 2 cabin kits delivered to you to be joined onsite, results in a very cost effective home.  Choose the 2 models and sizes you want combined.  Give us a call or email for a quote.  By combining two 14’x40′ cabins and adding an extra loft to each and buyer having a full front porch built onsite for an Appalachian model, a total of 1,100 sf of floor space, plus 500 sf of lofts, plus 260 sf or more of front and side porches can be achieved.

Click here for one sample layout/elevation of an Olympic T 2 cabin combination.

See our “Pricing” Page for all kit pricing- add the prices together for the 2 cabin kit models/sizes you want, to calculate the price of the Olympic T combination.

olympic t landscapeolympic t descriptionolympic t bathroomolympic t interior