-Olympic T

Our “Olympic T” combination consists of 2 pre-built cabins delivered to you and joined onsite in a T formation.  Choose the 2 models and sizes you want combined.  Give us a call or email for a quote.  By combining two 14’x40′ cabins and adding an extra loft to each and having a full front porch built onsite for an Appalachian model, a total of up to 1,100 sf of floor space, plus up to 500 sf of lofts, plus 260 sf or more of front and side porches can be achieved, in a very cost effective home delivered to you.  By choosing 2 “Deluxe” cabins, all electrical is installed as well as all light fixtures and plumbing fixtures.  Onsite plumbing is buyer’s responsibility.

May 2014 “Farm Show” nationwide magazine article about a satisfied Olympic T owner:  click here to read article.

Click here for one sample layout and outside elevation view of Olympic T.  Other cabin models and sizes can be joined together also- you decide layout and options.

See our “Pricing” page all prices- select the 2 cabin models/sizes you want joined together onsite, and add those 2 cabin prices together to determine the Olympic T price.

olympic t landscape

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