Construction Info/Pictures

Here are some miscellaneous construction pictures to help visualize crawlspace foundation and plumbing. (Plumbing is buyer’s responsibility after cabin delivered- deluxe cabins include all plumbing fixtures, but no plumbing lines).   Electrical service connection to prewired deluxe cabin’s 200 amp breaker box is also cabin buyer’s responsibility after cabin delivered.  Foundation is cabin buyer’s responsibility and must be complete, including sill plates and cross beam supports, prior to cabin delivery.  We can also place prebuilt cabins on basement foundations- we provide free foundation plan.  See video’s page of website for example of cabin being placed on foundation sill plates.  

Your site needs unobstructed 16′ wide side to side the entire way to cabin foundation, and 16′ unobstructed overhead the entire way, as well as about 80′ level and unobstructed at the cabin foundation side we’ll place the cabin from.  The cabin foundation side we place the cabin from can be no more than 24″ above grade, but the other cabin foundation sides can be any height above grade.  If there are steep road grades, very tight turns, or muddy/deep gravel roadway, please notify us of such at time of order.
Our largest prebuilt individual cabin is 14’x48′ = 672 sf.  This size cabin can have up to 2 br/2 ba/kitchen/great room/2 sleeping & storage lofts.  The 2 storage lofts can be up to 140 sf each, adding another 280 sf of usable space.  These cabins are small, but not “tiny homes”.  Each room is fairly small, as the entire cabin has a maximum of 672 sf (plus any loft sf).
You can determine the layout of each cabin- the sturdy post and beam construction is one big room with no interior load-bearing walls, so walls can be put where you want them.
We can also join 2 such cabins together onsite in a T formation or L formation for double the sf, at about double the price, or 3 such cabins in a U or H formation, at about triple the price .  We don’t build “doublewides” that are joined together lengthwise (ie we don’t place two 14′ wide cabins side by side to create one 28′ wide cabin).  We don’t join together cabins end to end (ie we don’t combine two 48′ long cabins to create one 96′ long cabin).  We don’t build 2 story modular cabins either. Our prebuilt modular cabins have 7′ sidewalls, lofts that are 3 1/2′ from center of loft floor to ceiling peak, and the cabins are 11 1/2′ on exterior from ground to roof peak.