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We are open only by appointment, no exceptions. Please call first to schedule appointment before coming, or you may not have access.  

Open by appointment only Monday through Saturday. Closed Sundays.

We are not Amish (you found us on the internet after all), but our park model RV builders are. We respect them, and they respect us. They are very busy building our quality products every day- please do not show up at their facility unscheduled and take their time away from their busy building tasks. Call us first to schedule an appointment, and we’ll be glad to show you around our displays and the facility. (No pictures of any workers are allowed on the premises, at any time. Please respect our Amish builder’s beliefs.)


Phone 606-922-8401

Fax 606-767-5050

We are located at 166 John Logsdon Cemetary Road, Munfordville, KY- always call first for an appointment before visiting the location

We are located in the beautiful Mammoth Cave National Park area, with many fun activities nearby, click here for a tourism map

Click here for a top secret spy satellite photo of our off-grid factory 🙂