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Free delivery within 200 miles of Elizabethtown, KY.  The delivery charge for our cabins or cabin kits depends upon your delivery city/state distance from us.  We can deliver nearly anywhere!

Approximate free delivery radius (depends upon specific DOT routed road miles):

To calculate your approximate delivery mileage, just input the delivery address into this form:

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Delivery charge is $9 per loaded mile for prebuilt cabins (deluxe or basic). The 1st 200 miles of delivery from Elizabethtown, KY is free of charge- add delivery charge beyond 200 miles.

We deliver the prebuilt cabins (either Deluxe or Basic) on a custom trailer which can place the cabins on a foundation (crawlspace or basement- we provide free foundation plan) or piers or pad.  It can deliver up to a 40′ long approximately 10,000 pound fully assembled/prebuilt cabin, and place it on a foundation with about a 1/4″ tolerance.  Delivery of the prebuilt cabins includes required wide load permits and escort vehicles to meet state requirements during transport.   We deliver the unassembled cabin kits via flatbed trailer and no special permits or escorts are required.

We can deliver the prebuilt modular cabins about anywhere, if the road is wide enough (16′ access) and no obstructions above  (16′ high with cabin on trailer).  Steep unpaved grades or loose gravel or dirt is possible for delivery, if buyer arranges and pays for local bulldozer standby during delivery.  With our standard 4WD delivery truck pulling the delivery trailer, mud is very bad, as is loose gravel, loose dirt, or any ruts in road.

We’ll even deliver your Amish furniture in the cabin at no extra delivery charge, and also your purchased appliances/woodstove from Lowe’s in the cabin at no extra delivery charge, if you want us to do so.

This is a 2 cabin end to end cabin install we did in Virginia.  1 cabin is set on its foundation already in this picture, and the other foundation is ready for its cabin.  Here you can see the type of crawlspace foundation we can set these cabins on. We also can set them on a full basement foundation (no more than 3 blocks high above grade).  This is a 14’x40′ foundation with sill plates, center piers down middle that we set 4″x6″ timbers on across the 14′, then the 40′ skids under the cabin rest on the 14′ cross-timbers. Then we bolt the cabin to the foundation from underneath with iron anchors into the block sidewalls, all hidden from outside the cabin. The cabins this size weigh about 10 tons anyway, so they’re not going anywhere easily, especially with the iron anchors.

“Delivery went great  and we love the cabin!  Thanks for everything. Fantastic product!”  Charles, cabin buyer in Alabama
“I am extremely happy with the product!”  Mike, cabin buyer in Ohio
“We ordered ours ready to go.  All we had to do inside was to sweep out the footprints.”   David, cabin buyer in Kentucky

Cabin placement on foundation by our custom delivery trailer, can view here if video not shown below:



amish cabin 14x40 set and foundation


lincoln delivery 

(Our Amish buggy is “1 horsepower” and can’t deliver our cabins:)

Our Amish Buggy- “1 horsepower”

amish bugg crossing sign