Q. The name of your company is “Amish Cabin Company”.  Are you Amish?

A.  No, we are not Amish and we do not claim to be.  Our company is named as it is because the cabins we offer are designed by and built by Amish crews in an Amish-owned shop on a functioning Amish farm in Kentucky, using traditional Amish craftsmanship in an off-grid facility (solar powered and diesel generator powered and heated with outdoor wood furnace).  We are non-Amish (“English” as the Amish call us), who have a close business relationship with our Amish builder.  We respect the Amish faith, and from all indications we’ve received and discussions we’ve had with them, the Amish also respect our personal faith.  We are Christians, as are the Amish.  We have a business relationship of mutual trust with our Amish builder- if we did not, we would simply not do business with them (and vice versa).  Amish business startups are more resilient in general than the typical American business, with 95% of Amish businesses surviving their first 5 years, versus only 50% of non-Amish businesses lasting their first 5 years. (See this interesting book: )  There are some untrue myths about the Amish, answered here:


Q.  Is your company experienced with providing quality cabins to satisfied customers?

A.  Yes!  We have an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, 100% positive Ebay user feedback rating, good corporate standing with the Kentucky secretary of state, membership in our local chamber of commerce, and numerous buyers’ positive testimonials to prove it.  Our sales manager has over 43 years of maintenance, production, and construction project experience.  Our company’s owner has over 20 years experience owning small businesses, has a master’s degree in business administration (MBA), and holds Certified Purchasing Manager (CPM) and Certified Professional in Supply Management (CPSM) certifications with the Institute for Supply Management.  Over 6 decades of business experience is represented by our sales manager and company owner.  Most importantly however, our cabins are built by experienced Amish craftsmen to high standards of construction quality.  The Amish builder we’ve partnered with, who provides the off-grid cabin production facility and Amish crew which builds our cabins, himself has nearly 4 decades of construction industry experience.  No amount of business experience, degrees or certifications is ever more important than the day to day craftsmanship and quality control going into the actual product.


Q.  I like what I see online about your cabins, where can I see one in person?

A.  Our model cabin and office location is 1712 13th Street, Ashland, KY.  Please email us or call us at 606-922-8401 in advance to make an appointment Monday through Saturday.   


Q:  What is the largest prebuilt cabin you can deliver assembled?

A:  Effective August 25, 2017, we are now building and delivering prebuilt deluxe or basic cabins (andy cabin style) up to 14’x48′!  This is 8′ longer than the longest prebuilt cabins we have previously built!  Click here for a layout sample of a 14’x48′ deluxe prebuilt cabin. Just like with our other cabin sizes, we can build the layout you want in the 48′ long cabin. We also can join 2 prebuilt cabins onsite in a T formation or L formation, and we can join 3 prebuilt cabins onsite in a U formation or H formation.


Q:  What kind of windows are used in the cabins?

A:  Thermolite Windows, please see


Q.  Are the deluxe prebuilt cabins ready to move into immediately upon delivery?

A.  No, the following work must first be done in deluxe prebuilt cabins, at cabin buyer’s responsibility, after cabin delivery, before the cabin can be moved into or a certificate of occupancy can be issued by local building codes dept. (if required in your locality):  i. plumber runs plumbing lines under cabin, connects such to fixtures, and connects such to water/sewer/septic, ii. electrician connects power source to prewired 200 amp breaker box, and cabin buyer is responsible for all exterior connection poles/meter for such, iii. the only insulation under the floor at time of cabin delivery is a plastic vapor barrier, it’s recommended that cabin buyer install fiberglass insulation batts under cabin floor after cabin delivery, iv. appliances are buyer’s responsibility, v. furnishings are buyer’s responsibility.  The above tasks can usually be completed quickly by the cabin buyer and/or their contractors, but typically not all in the same day of delivery (although it is possible).


Q.  How do I order a fully built cabin or cabin kit?

A.  Please email us at .  We require a 25% non-refundable deposit to begin construction.  Remainder is due in full prior to delivery.   We are an accredited A+ rated member of the Better Business Bureau and are members of the Ashland Alliance chamber of commerce.  Our company name is Augeo LLC dba Amish Cabin Company.  Augeo LLC is a Kentucky LLC in good standing with KY Secretary of State, established 2006.  We have a 100% Ebay user rating.  We are a registered user of, the leading national escrow service to protect buyer and seller- and


Q:  What is the difference between the “Deluxe” cabins, the “Basic” cabins, the cabin kits, and the custom built onsite cabins?

A:  The Deluxe cabins and the Basic cabins are each modular prebuilt cabins delivered to you “under roof”.  The difference between them is that the Deluxe cabins are fully finished- all interior walls, insulation (except under cabin floor insulation, it’s recommended that cabin buyer install fiberglass batt insulation under floor after cabin delivery), windows, interior/exterior doors, flooring, bathroom, kitchen/bathroom cabinetry, loft, plumbing fixtures (not connected and no interior plumbing lines are included, that’s buyer’s responsibility to have done after cabin delivery), and interior electrical wiring.  The Basic cabins are only the cabin shell- roof, windows, exterior walls, insulation, interior perimeter walls, flooring, and loft.  They include no electrical or fixtures, no interior partition walls, and no plumbing fixtures.  They are for the “do it yourselfer’ who wants to finish out the cabin at their pace and using their own labor.  We can add interior tongue and groove partition walls and electrical to the Basic cabins for an additional fee.  The cabin kits are shipped unassembled, via flatbed trailer, and are assembled onsite by the buyer or their contractor (or we can assemble the kits onsite in certain regions for an extra cost).   Since the kits are unassembled and not shipped as modular homes, we can build larger size kits than our standard modular cabin sizes and deliver them.  The custom built onsite cabins are just that, built to your specifications/plans/drawings on your land by our crews using our hybrid log-sided wall system (custom built onsite cabins only available in certain regions, subject to our crews’ schedules).  In general, we can build and ship the Deluxe and Basic modular cabins and cabin kits considerably faster than building the custom onsite cabins.


Q:  Please describe the construction materials and techniques the Amish use to build these cabins.

A:   Please see the “Amish Construction” section of our website.  Our cabins use nearly 2″ flooring and nearly 2″ ceiling tongue and groove, with energy efficient 2″ 3Ht double vapor barrier insulation taped and sealed in exterior walls, and 4″ 3Ht double vapor barrier insulation taped and sealed in ceiling, to enclose the entire structure.   4″ x 6″ roof ridge beam is used, and 3″ x 4″ exposed posts and beams.  Energy star rated double pane insulated tempered windows are used with limited lifetime warranty.  Metal roof with 40 year manufacturer’s warranty.  No nails used anywhere in the cabin- screws throughout.  Nails pull out, screws don’t.   Quality construction means decades of comfort and beauty for your family!


Q:  Do each of your cabin models have architectural drawings, showing floor load ratings, wind load ratings, and roof load ratings, as well as design schematics?

A:  Yes.  We can provide generic model drawings, state licensed engineer stamped if needed, upon request to cabin customers after receiving their deposit.


Q:  Do you have any actual cabin buyer testimonials you can share?

A:  Sure, here are a few, and we’d like to count you as our next satisfied customer:

“Thank you for the professional service you have provided for me… You guys are top notch”   Don, cabin buyer in Virginia

We added a [kitchen] island, and a barn door to it! We had the opportunity to go look at our cabin being built, very well pleased with it…!   The cabin is what we wanted, we love it!!”  Arvin, cabin buyer in West Virginia

“I am extremely happy with the product!”  Mike, cabin buyer in Ohio

“The cabin is great!”  Dave and Amy, Olympic T cabin buyers in Virginia

“Just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying the cabin and I appreciate the ease of working with you and your company.  I definitely want to work with you again.”  Jim, cabin buyer in Tennessee

“We ordered ours ready to go.  All we had to do inside was to sweep out the footprints.”   David, cabin buyer in Kentucky

“We are enjoying the cabin immensely.”  Augusto, cabin buyer in Ohio

“We just got our Amish cabin today!  I am so excited and cannot be more happy with the delivery and construction of our cabin. I put a video on my youtube as well!  kudos and ++++++!  The man who delivered it was excellent and went above and beyond setting it up for us.  I would HIGHLY recommend The Amish Cabin company! A++++ all the way! thanks , Teri” cabin buyer in Texas
Q:  Has your company been featured in any national publications?
A:  We’re glad you asked.   We sure have, click here for article in “American Survival Guide”, click here for article in “Farm Show”, and click here for article in “Rethink: Rural”.
Q:  Can you put the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom where I want, as well as the windows and doors? 

A:  Yes!  All of our cabins are custom made to your requirements- colors and layouts.  Put the bedroom on the left side, put the bathroom toward the front of the cabin, put the kitchen cabinets against the front wall, back wall, or end wall.  Your choice.  Visit Autodesk Homestyler to create a free design layout you can send to us for our quote.  Or, you can just hand draw what you’d like, showing dimensions and basic layout, and bring to us, mail to us, email to us, or fax to us at 606 767 5050.


Q:  What is post and beam construction?

A:  A construction framework where there is a use of timbers in both vertical and the horizontal position. The horizontal timbers are known as the beams and those that remain upright are the posts.   It is an ancient building technique, used for a few thousand years.   The buildings which have been constructed using this technique have remained substantial and solid even when hundreds of years have passed.   See


Q:  What is the Kentucky Industrialized Building Systems (KIBS) modular residence approval which these cabin models each have, and why is it important? 

A:   This approval is subject to a rigid application process and ongoing inspections during construction, ensuring that the model meets the current Kentucky-adopted building codes.  Full architectural drawings are required for submission in the application for each cabin model, and inspections are performed during construction by a certified third party inspection agency.  For more info, please see


Q:  What kind of metal roofing do you use, and what is the roofing warranty?

A:  Everlast Roofing metal roof, with 40 year roof warranty, made in USA.  Your choice of roof color.  View your preferred stain colors and roof colors together at this page:


Q:  Does the 40 year metal roof warranty mean that the cabin roof is warranted against any roof leaks for 40 years?

A:  No, the warranty is for defects in workmanship of the metal roofing material itself, and covers corrosion-resistance and color loss of the metal roofing, full warranty details are available at


Q:  What kind of exterior stains do you use on your cabins?

A:  We use Woodwright stains:  See our “Colors” page for exterior stain colors. We mix NBS-30 natural insect repellent into each exterior stain color, at no extra charge.


Q.  Do you offer financing for your cabins?

A:  No, we don’t offer direct financing via our company.  However, many banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions do offer financing on our cabins which are deeded real estate, depending of course upon your personal financial situation.  Home equity loans, cash, and family loans can be applicable ways to fund your cabin purchase.  Also, specialized lenders like Farm Credit Mid-America can finance rural land and cabins together at attractive rates, for example see for contact info and current rates.  Very likely your bank can finance our cabins also- ask them if they finance modular homes (these are not manufactured homes built to lesser mobile home or “trailer” codes, they are modular homes built to international residential codes- our cabins have no wheels/axles/chassis, they are deeded real estate when placed on foundation on your land).  Our solar power options also have financing available for qualified buyers:


Q.  Who is your typical cabin customer?

A.  Anyone who wants a beautiful handcrafted cabin at a reasonable price.  Some of our cabin customers use their cabin as weekend getaways or guest houses, but many of our customers live in their cabin full-time, as they enjoy the beauty of the cabin and the energy efficient hybrid design.


Q.  Where can you deliver the fully built “Deluxe” or “Basic Cabins”?

A.  We deliver the fully built cabins on a custom trailer which can place the cabins on a foundation or piers or pad.  It can deliver up to a 40′ long cabin.  Delivery includes required wide load permits and escort vehicles to meet state requirements during transport.  We can deliver them about anywhere, if the road is wide enough (16′ access) and no obstructions above  (16′ high with cabin on trailer).  Steep unpaved grades or loose gravel or dirt is possible for delivery, if buyer arranges and pays for local bulldozer standby during delivery.  With our standard 4WD delivery truck pulling the delivery trailer, mud is very bad, as is loose gravel, loose dirt, or any ruts in road.


Q.  Where can you deliver the cabin kits?

A.  We deliver the cabin kits on a standard flatbed trailer and can deliver across the USA and Canada.  Buyer is responsible for forklift rental to offload the kit upon delivery- it’s sizable and has heavy sections.  Steep unpaved grades or loose gravel or dirt is possible for delivery, if buyer arranges and pays for local bulldozer standby during delivery.  With our standard 4WD delivery truck pulling the delivery trailer, mud is very bad, as is loose gravel, loose dirt, or any ruts in road.


Q.  Where can your crews build a custom onsite cabin?

A.  We have Amish and non-Amish crews that can build custom onsite cabins in Kentucky and typically in adjoining states to Kentucky.  We can deliver and combine 2 of our fully built cabins onsite in our “Olympic T” configuration, or we can quote and build from basic plans you provide to us.  We also have another Amish partner who can provide whole log cabin kits and provide turnkey onsite assembly of such, please see the “Custom Built Onsite” section of our website.


Q.  Where are your cabins made?

A.  Our cabins are made by the Amish in a custom off-grid facility on an Amish farm in Kentucky.  The floors are radiant heated by wood-fired furnace to ensure proper application of stains inside the facility.  The CNC machines and all other tools are powered by an onsite diesel generator.


Q.  What kind of wood is used?

A.  We use eastern white pine, sawn in the Amish sawmill.  Yes, our log siding is available to purchase from us- give us a call or email.


Q.  Who makes the kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanity?

A.  The same Amish crew who builds the cabin, in the same facility.   Yes, they’re available to purchase from us- give us a call or email.


Q.  Who makes the pine interior and exterior doors?

A.  The same Amish crew who builds the cabin, in the same facility.   Yes, they’re available to purchase from us- give us a call or email.


Q:  Can I get Amish-built screen doors on the front and/or back exterior doors?

A:  Yes, please see our options page for the reasonable extra charge, and click here for a picture of the screen doors (this is a double door set with our exterior doors)


Q.  Can the dormers be made functional instead of only cosmetic?

A.  Yes, for a reasonable extra charge.


Q.  Can I delete the dormers on a cabin that comes standard with dormers?

A.  Yes, for a credit amount to you, see our “Options” page.


Q.  Can I add or delete shutters?

A.  Yes, shutters in your color choice are no extra charge.


Q.  Can I choose my exterior stain color?

A.  Yes, we have 3 exterior stain colors- light, medium, dark.  Exterior stain and optional clear coat poly are applied in our temperature controlled indoor Amish facility to ensure proper curing.  Our exterior stains include NBS-30 natural insect repellent free of charge.


Q.  Do the cabins have plumbing?

A.  They have plumbing fixtures installed (kitchen faucet/sink, bathroom faucet/sink, toilet, shower faucet/surround), but no plumbing attached and no hot water heater included (we suggest tankless water heaters).


Q:  Can I add an extra bedroom in a “Deluxe” cabin, to have 2 bedrooms total?

A:  Yes, but only on the 40′ to 48′ Deluxe models.  


Q:  Can I add an extra bathroom in a “Deluxe” cabin, to have 2 bathrooms total?

A:  Yes, only on the 40′ to 48′ Deluxe models, for a reasonable extra charge as shown on our “options” page.


Q:  What kind of insulation is installed in the cabin?

A:  Our standard 2″ of 3Ht insulation in the exterior walls and 4″ of such in the ceiling is energy efficient in our hybrid wall construction and is sufficient for comfort for most cabin owners in most climates.  Please see our “features” then “insulation” tab for more info.  Click here for airtightness and energy efficiency testing of our hybrid insulated wall construction design.


Q.  Can I get heat/air installed in the cabin?

A.  Yes, we offer wall mounted heat/air unit installed for a reasonable charge- please see our options page.  See picture here.


Q.  Can I have 2 cabins delivered and joined together for more space?

A.  Yes, that is our special “Olympic T” configuration- you pick the cabins to join together in a T formation or L formation.  We’ve also designed 3 cabin combinations of H or U configurations.


Q.  Who is responsible for the foundation?

A.  The purchaser- you can use a pier foundation or crawlspace foundation or basement foundation, or place the smaller sized cabins on a level gravel or concrete pad (although this makes plumbing line installation for cabin buyer difficult).  We provide you with a free foundation plan for your cabin size/model.


Q.  Do you offer off-grid power solutions?

A.  Yes, we have partnered with a leading and established regional solar energy company to provide 2 primary off-grid solar power options for our customers, and custom solutions are available.  Please see our “Options” page for pricing. We can also recommend solar indoor composting toilets, propane tankless water heaters, solar powered portable lighting, and reasonable EPA rated small woodburning stoves.  Please see our “Helpful Links” page.


Q.  Can I add an extra loft for more storage space?

A.  Yes, for a reasonable additional charge, please see our “Options” page.  The lofts are 3 1/2′ high from center of loft floor to ceiling peak.  The lofts are for sleeping and storage.  We cannot build the lofts higher and still deliver the cabin prebuilt.


Q.  Who is responsible for local building permits?

A.  The buyer is responsible for all code compliance and permits.  We have a consulting architect and full architectural plans on each model and we can assist if needed.  If architect’s services are needed, buyer responsible for fees.  Each cabin model is Kentucky Industrialized Building Systems (KIBS) approved as modular residential units and inspected in our shop during construction.  Electrical hookups are Kentucky inspected and approved.  No plumbing hookups are included- buyer responsible for such onsite after delivery.


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