Here are our standard color choices:  light, medium, or dark:


We use Woodwright stains.  We mix NBS-30 natural insect repellent into each exterior stain color, at no extra charge.  We offer a light (16-117), medium (16-118), and dark (16-119) standard color choices in the Woodwright “Ohio” collection, and all other colors in the “Ohio” collection are offered at an extra $250 charge:  http://www.woodwrightfinish.com/stains-ohio_collection.htm




Your choice of Everlast roofing metal roof colors, with 40 year roof warranty, made in USA:  view all here

View your preferred stain colors and roof colors together at this page:  https://www.everlastroofing.com/
Metal roof colors







Your choice of kitchen countertop colors:  view all here

66_Flame_Soapstone 66_Deep_Springs 66_Antique_Roca Countertop colors