Hybrid Wall Construction

Hybrid Wall Construction- UPDATE as of 7/1/16, 2″ 3Ht in exterior walls and 4″ 3Ht in ceiling now used, for even greater energy efficiency

High efficiency Thermal 3Ht Insulation is used in our fully built “Deluxe” cabins, cabin kits, and “Basic” cabins.

All of our “Deluxe” cabin models are 2015 International Energy Code compliant and Kentucky state inspected during construction.

Even more energy efficient as of July 1, 2016:   2″ 3Ht double vapor barrier insulation taped and sealed in exterior walls, and 4″ 3Ht double vapor barrier insulation taped and sealed in ceiling, to enclose the entire structure.

Click here for information about airtightness and energy efficiency testing of our hybrid insulated cabin design.  “This cabin is what I consider a tight structure and any further air sealing should be blower door guided”, James Godby,  BPI (Building Performance Institute) Certified Energy Analyst, June 27, 2014.

By combining an air gap with the high efficiency 3Ht insulation in our hybrid wall construction, most heat and cold conductivity is blocked between the exterior and interior of the wall.   The rigid 3Ht insulation is taped and sealed at all joints by the Amish builders who install it, creating a very airtight outer structure.  Combined with our energy star rated insulated windows (which are standard) and Amish-built heavy duty pine exterior doors, this structure is an efficient combination to insulate your cabin from whatever Mother Nature brings to it.

We use energy efficient 2″ 3Ht double vapor barrier insulation taped and sealed in exterior walls, and 4″ 3Ht double vapor barrier insulation taped and sealed in ceiling, to enclose the entire structure.  Several years of real-world experience in our hybrid wall construction has proven this to be more than sufficient for year round comfort and energy efficiency in most climates.  Keep in mind there is nearly 3 inches of solid pine in our exterior wall construction as an additional insulator, and also a thermal insulating air gap, increasing the actual R value in our hybrid construction).

The 3Ht insulation has reflective silver foil on both sides of the foam core, and the silver foil has an emissivity factor of .03, which means that only 3% of radiant heat is conducted by it and 97% of such is reflected away from it.  This means that 97% of the radiant heat is reflected back into the cabin in the winter and 97% of the radiant heat is reflected outside of the cabin in the summer.  (3Ht insulation is an air and vapor barrier, a radiant barrier and an insulator, addressing all mechanisms of heat transfer.  R value testing only measures insulator properties, not the other two major mechanisms of heat transfer).

Click below for R value testing results of 3Ht versus fiberglass insulation in 2×6 wood frame walls:

R value performance                    Technical data

By using Thermal 3Ht Insulation you can stop thermal transfer through the wood frame of the exterior walls.

Thermal 3Ht Insulation is a cost effective and efficient insulation system which addresses all mechanisms of heat transfer. In one product, Thermal 3Ht Insulation is an air and vapor barrier, a radiant barrier and an insulator.

Thermal 3Ht Insulation is lightweight, non-toxic and easy to install. It does not irritate the skin and requires no special equipment or clothing.

  1. Thermal 3Ht Insulation eliminates cold and hot spots in any building.
  2. Thermal 3Ht Insulation helps distribute heat evenly; consequently, buildings are more comfortable at lower room temperatures.
  3. Thermal 3Ht Insulation allows thermostats to be set 2 to 4 degrees lower than buildings which utilize conventional insulation products. This results in added comfort with less heat-loss (winter) or heat-gain (summer) i.e. Greater Energy Savings.
  4. Thermal 3Ht Insulation virtually eliminates moisture and air infiltration.
  5. Thermal 3Ht Insulation reflects radiant energy back to its source. This allows buildings to be cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
  6. Thermal 3Ht Insulation is an effective stand-alone insulation product or may be combined with other insulation products.
  7. Thermal 3Ht Insulation is available in panels/boards, rolls and accordion fold.
  8. Thermal 3Ht Insulation is the ultimate way to keep your home or building comfortable and energy efficient.

For more info on 3Ht see http://thermalbuildingconcepts.com/