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Here are some links you may have interest in, hopefully they’re all still active when you click on them:

How to Live Off Grid- A Beginner’s Primer-

Our Facebook page-

Solar Energy Solutions, our solar partner-

“Farm Show” nationwide magazine article May 2014 with comments from a satisfied buyer:

“American Survival Guide” nationwide magazine article August 2014 about our company:

“Rethink:Rural” article in August 2016, noting our company:

Post and Beam Construction Overview-

Our standard newspaper ad-

Eastern White Pine Overview-

Classifieds for hunters- land, products, services-

Everlast Roofing metal roofing colors with 40 year warranty-

Woodwright exterior stain-

NBS 30 “Green” Natural Insect Repellent stain additive-

Microhydro power, mini-turbine power from water flow-

Nature’s Head indoor dry composting toilet with solar vent option-

Kentucky Industrialized Building System (KIBS) modular home approval process/overview-

“The Best Green is Brown: Why Sustainable Wood Is Good”-

“The Rise of Green Modular Homes”-

US Stove EPA rated small woodburning stove with blower-, leading national escrow service to protect buyer and seller- and

Propane tankless water heater uses only 2 D batteries-

Propane stove/range for off grid use-

DC freezers/refrigerators for solar use-

DC water well pumps-

Benefits of Living Small-

Off grid solar living-

Waka Waka Solar lights and power charger-

Gravity fed water purification at .02 microns-

Lehman’s old-fashioned non-electric off grid merchandise-

3Ht insulation, our energy efficient insulation- and also

Metal roofing overview-

Solar power overview video for photovoltaic (PV) arrays-

Autodesk Homestyler free layout design software-

Lowe’s (we’ll deliver your purchased Lowe’s appliances/woodstove for no extra delivery charge with the cabin if you want us to do so)-

BBC video on the Amish-

Amish faith history-