R Values

R 21 in ceilings and floors.

R 15 in exterior walls.

These R values are for the fiberglass insulation- solid wood on the interior and exterior of our park model RVs increases actual R values.

Think you want solid log construction? Please think again. Some of our competitors use 4″ x 6″ stacked pine logs. Actual dimension is 3 1/2″ thick of such a log. According to the US Department of Energy (click here for info), the R value of most soft woods (ie pine) is 1.41 per inch. So a 3.5 inch thick pine wall would have R value of 5, according to the DOE. Our park models’ exterior wall R values are at least 3 times that efficiency! Also, most park models do not have the R 21 insulation in the ceilings and floors that our Amish-built park models have.