Setup Ideas

The hitch and tires/wheels are detachable after delivery, if you wish to do so in your own setup.

Here is a picture of the piers you can place under the park model chassis after delivery.

Here are a few pictures of ideas for some beautiful skirting to put around the park model home after delivery. Not only does such skirting look great for a “built in place” aesthetic, it also keeps out wind and critters. There are ways to “quick rust” corrugated metal for a very neat look, and faux stone is getting more realistic looking all of the time. Of course, pressure treated wood is always a nice touch, and durable.

Tires removed and piers placed under chassis, prior to skirting

Rusted corrugated metal skirting idea (quick rusted)

Pressure treated pine skirting idea (unstained example, can also be stained)

Faux stone skirting idea (there are tons of colors/patterns/types of such)