Wind Zones

Our park model homes are RVIA certified and built to ANSI code. As such, they can be placed in Wind Zone 1 and Wind Zone 2, but not in Wind Zone 3.

After you review the map below, if you are unsure of the Wind Zone for your desired park model placement site, please contact your local building/code department.

USA Wind Zones

There are currently 3 wind zones:

  • Wind Zone I – Generally, if you live in the middle of the country you will be in this zone as it covers most of the interior of the U.S., where hurricanes are not common.
  • Wind Zone 2 – The closer your home is located to the coast, the more likely your location will be in this zone. It’s designated for areas that are hurricane prone and can experience up to 100 miles per hour wind speeds.
  • Wind Zone 3 – Along the coast of certain states, homes must be built to withstand up to 110 miles per hour winds since these are the areas that hurricanes are more frequent.
Wind zone map of the United States.